Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 3: Murakami and Barneys

Apart from working with artists on prints, Axelle also does gigs for companies. One of our frequent clients is KaiKai Ki Ki Ltd, a company headed by the renowned Japanese contemporary artist Murakami. KaiKai Ki Ki brings us screens to develop almost every week and it is the responsibility of me and the other intern in the shop to prep and shoot them. I love working on them because it gives me a peek at what might be Murakami's next project. I personally like Murakami's wallpapers. I can't wait to see his retrospective show that is going on at the Brooklyn Museum.

Another project has been for Barneys, a upscale departmental store here in New York City. They want us to print on top of two layers of cloth, one lace and the other cotton. The colors we are printing is neon green, purple and black. What happens is the lace acts as a lattice and its pattern is offseted onto the cotton. These fabrics will be sewn into dress and sold at the departmental store. Axelle apparently does this project twice a year. I got to see a similiarly printed dress from the spring season. It was very cute.

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